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Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry.  Though a will designates where your assets go, it does not necessarily avoid probate proceedings.  If problems arise, probate is costly, impedes the transfer of your estate, and causes unnecessary and unwanted public exposure to your family. 

At Flowers and Manning, LLP, our estate planning lawyers are here to help you throughout the estate planning process.  Whether you need assistance with a will, a living will, or a trust, we provide skilled, knowledgeable legal assistance.  We have helped hundreds of clients go through the estate planning process—and can do the same for you.

Creating an estate plan

The estate planning lawyers of Flowers and Manning, LLP work directly with you to evaluate your needs and design and establish a long-term estate plan.  When created properly, estate plans can:

  • Minimize or eliminate estate taxes
  • Help you avoid probate
  • Establish gifting options as a means of tax reduction and asset distribution
  • Provide vacation home protection in Massachusetts and elsewhere
  • Help you with long-term care planning


By viewing this webpage, you have taken the first careful step in protecting your interests in the future. The next step is to sit down with a caring attorney who can help you determine your needs.  Together you may develop a detailed plan that designates who receives your assets and assigns legal guardians for your minor children. 

If you already have a will, review it occasionally to ascertain whether it still represents your wishes.  The attorneys at Flowers and Manning, LLP are ready to help provide the peace of mind.

Living wills

Have you created a will but failed to set a plan for your care if you cannot make the decisions yourself?  We can work alongside you to create a living will, otherwise known as a healthcare power of attorney or healthcare proxy.

Understanding trusts

The simplest forms of trusts are revocable ("living trust") and irrevocable trust.  The creation of a trust allows you to designate assets to specific desires, establish a smooth and timely transfer of your estate, and address succession issues for business purposes.  Trusts can also help you avoid unnecessary taxes that lessen the overall value of your estate.

More complicated forms of trust for larger estates are:

  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts
  • Intentionally defective grantor trusts
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Qualified personal residence trusts
  • Realty trusts and nominee trusts

The attorneys at Flowers and Manning, LLP counsel you on the types of trusts and discuss how they relate to your specific needs.  On occasion, we recommend multiple trusts to protect your interests.

Personal attention to estate plans suits your long-term needs

If you are in need of a skilled attorney in the areas of estate law, taxation law, business law, or real estate law in the Boston area contact us, Flowers and Manning, LLP, online or call 617-589-0601.